Trees Count! & NYC Street Tree Map

Posted on Dec 9, 2016 | 0 comments

Trees Count! & NYC Street Tree Map

Trees Count! was organized by NYC Parks’ to map and catalog every street tree on every block in New York City via volunteers. In the spring and summer of 2015, Trees New York led the inventorying efforts in Greenpoint. With the help of our Young Urban Forester Interns and Citizen Pruners, we mapped over 9,000 street trees!

Following the Trees Count! Tree Census, NYC Parks created the New York City Street Tree Map!

The New York City Street Tree Map brings New York City’s urban forest to your fingertips. For the first time, you have access to information about every street tree in New York City. Learn about the trees that make up our city’s urban forest, mark trees as favorites and share them with your friends, and record and share all of your caretaking and tree stewardship activities.

Citizen Pruners! Once you register for an account, click “I am a Citizen Pruner” and you can record your street tree pruning directly to the map. Check it out!