Tree Plantings

Every new tree improves the health and beauty of the city and offers a valuable learning opportunity. Since 2005, Trees New York has planted over 6,300 trees throughout the five boroughs.

5.2 million trees make up New York City’s urban forest. The urban forest includes all of the trees, shrubs, and plants on public and private lands within city limits. Trees along highways and train tracks, on streets and in parks, on hospital and school campuses, in rooftop gardens as well as trees in cemeteries, botanic gardens and empty lots are all part of the urban forest. The benefits provided by these trees are innumerable and absolutely invaluable.

With over 675,000 street trees, 1,700 Parks and Playgrounds, more than 10,000 acres of natural areas and hundreds of unique public spaces, our urban forest is as diverse and gigantic as New York City itself.

We use fruit tree planting events as a vehicle to promote environmental awareness and food literacy. Learn more about FruiTrees New York

Evergreen trees brighten our streets and clean the air 365 days a year! Learn more about Evergreening the City!

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, air temperatures in cities particularly after sunset, can be as much as 22 degrees F warmer than the air in neighboring,less developed regions. Learn how we are combating the urban heat island effect by Greening the Bronx