Tree Guards

Life is not easy for a New York City street tree! Unlike trees in the forest, urban trees must contend with an incredible host of threats – pollution, pedestrian and vehicular traffic, winter salt spray, vandalism, perpetual drought-like conditions, confined growing space and dog waste are just a few.

Street trees need to be cared for and protected in order to survive and thrive. One of the best things you could do to support the ongoing health of your street trees is to install a tree guard.

Tree guards –

Prevent pedestrians from walking on the soil which causes compaction and prevents the tree roots from receiving vital nutrients, oxygen and water.

Prevent car doors from hitting the trees and keep bicycles from being locked around their trunks. Which greatly reduces the chance that the tree will get wounded and become susceptible to infection.

Prevent dogs from using trees as toilets. Dog waste contains toxins that are seriously harmful to trees.

Look nice and indicate that someone is invested in the tree, which in turn, discourages others from vandalizing the tree

Go to page 12 of NYC Parks tree planting standards for city mandated tree guard specifications.

The following links are to manufacturers that design, build, and may also install tree guards. Trees New York recommends that you get several estimates and references before selecting a contractor.

ADM Landscape Corp.
(718) 805-7272

A.J. Ironwork
(718) 237-2642

A&T Iron Works, Inc.
(800) 523-0973

Curb Allure
(212) 769-CURB (2872)

City Tree Guards

Da Costa Landscaping Contractors (Installation Only)
(914) 762-0350

E&J Iron Works Inc.
(718) 665-6040

Guardian Gates Company Inc
(718) 401-2818

Iron Age Designs

Kaufman Ironworks
(800) 442-4283

Kendi Iron Works
(718) 821-2722

Mozart Iron Craft Corporation (Excl. Staten Island)
(718) 472-2052

Urban Garden Center

(646) 872-3992


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ron Age Designs