The Carol Kelley Schools & Trees Fund

The Carol Kelley Schools and Trees Fund

Thanks to the generous support of Carol Kelley’s family and The Graham Hunter Foundation we are able to partner with schools across the city and plant trees!

Carol Hunter Kelley was born on April 28, 1926 in NYC. A deeply introverted child, she was drawn to the company of birds, trees and her Irish setter, Cinderella. Carol developed a magical creativity by taking delight in small things – a leaf, a feather, a shell; she imbued everything with life. Carol carried this sensibility throughout her life. On her last birthday, at the age of 91, she spoke with a twig as it brushed by the bench where she sat with her two daughters.

Known for her intelligence, refined vocabulary and superb dry wit, Carol held a BA in English Literature from Smith College, an MSW from Simmons School of Social Work, and, at the age of 63, she earned an MA in Art Therapy from Ursuline College.

After losing her only son, David, in a fatal motorcycle accident in the early seventies, Carol began a 40-year involvement with the Art Therapy Studio in Cleveland, Ohio. She volunteered, served on the Board and worked as an art therapist in the “Discover The Artist Within Program” which continues to empower patients coping with serious physical and emotional challenges.

Carol was known for her generous and caring heart. In conjunction with her father’s legacy, The Graham Hunter Foundation, she became the driving force in the development of Endowments at the Art Therapy Studio and at Ursuline College’s Art Therapy Department.

Carol passed on September 29, 2017 in Laguna Woods, California.

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Please fill out the form below if your school or community garden is interested in participating in the Schools & Trees Program. Tree requests for Greenthumb Community Gardens must be coordinated through the garden’s Outreach Coordinator. All requests will be reviewed by Trees New York and participants will be selected based on adequate space for a tree and community participation.


  • Before: Underutilized space in front of a school in East Harlem
  • After: Perfect spot for two Red Buds.
  • Before: Underutilized green space in front of a school on the Upper West Side.
  • After: Perfect spot for shade trees!
  • Wow! Look at the Hornbeams eight years later.