Young Urban Forester Internship

Trees New York’s Young Urban Forester Internship is designed to remove the barriers that prevent urban youth from entering environmental careers.

The objective of the internship is to expose interns to a range of environmental career opportunities through education, hands-on stewardship, field trips and seminars with professionals. Work-based learning in which students learn technical, academic and employability skills are critical for better employment outcomes of young and inexperienced workers.

The interns acquire specific occupational skills and broader employment skills such as communication, teamwork and problem-solving in a way that is not typically possible in the classroom. The interns make a visible and lasting impact in their communities. On average, the interns care for 600 street trees, transforming their neighborhoods as they develop the skills and commitment necessary to serve as effective stewards of the urban forest long after the program ends.

The comprehensive curriculum includes urban forest conservation, restoration, and planning, air and water quality, invasive species, introduction to GIS and map making, soil science and tree care, biology, tree identification, and pruning.

Interns are encouraged to apply to college, learn how to navigate the application and selection process, and receive assistance with their application essays. As part of the internship, students research an environmental topic of their choosing and present their findings. The presentation prepares students for college-level research and the lessons on public speaking help them both professionally and academically.

“I learned that street trees are vital to our community something I glanced over prior to the program. I learned the important principles needed to be a success in the workforce – be passionate about the task presented and people take notice of your work ethic.”

– Brian Phipps, Young Urban Forester 2017

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