Evergreening the City

Evergreen trees not only bring beautiful green hues and rich textures to our city streets, they also clean the air all year round, capturing airborne pollutants even during the winter, when particulate levels are often at their highest.

Evergreen trees make our winters a little brighter and the growing season even greener. Trees New York plants evergreen trees in the public right-of-way. Planting sites include schools, playgrounds, community gardens, senior centers, libraries, greenstreets, co-op, and church lawns. Evergreen tree species include Sweetbay Magnolia, Southern Magnolia, Hinoki Cypress and Blue Spruce.

In order to ensure the best quality stock, all trees are hand-selected by Trees New York’s Arborist, Sam Bishop. Trees New York considers both aesthetics and functionality to select the best tree species for each site. For example, at PS 321 in Brooklyn, we planted a Southern Magnolia in an empty corner adjacent to the school entrance. The Magnolia serves as a foundation planting and allows students to observe its growth and seasonal changes such as the big fragrant white flowers that blossom in early summer.

Trees New York uses trees as a vehicle for environmental education and action. All tree plantings are executed in partnership with a local community group or school. Community residents and students receive a lesson on the urban forest and tree stewardship, they also help plant the tree and commit to the long-term stewardship of the tree.