Street Tree Demo Planting!

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Street Tree Demo Planting!

Street Tree Demo Planting!

We are excited to announce an expanded component to our street tree planting project! Trees New York is now engaging volunteers and community members in the street tree planting process to educate them on the size and scope of a typical street tree planting in New York City. We realized that once community members have a greater understanding of the process, they become stronger advocates for our urban forest.

Unlike most cities, street tree plantings in New York require the use of contractors, mainly due to the size and weight of the street tree that is being planted. Therefore, historically, this has excluded volunteers from participating in the planting process.

Working with volunteers, we recognized that the public has a lot of interest in planting street trees and have several questions about the process.

For example, they often ask – why are street trees so expensive and why do street tree plantings require such a rigorous permitting process? We are often also asked why street tree plantings require contractors and heavy equipment.

To better answer these questions so our volunteers and community members can gain a more solid understating of the planting process, Trees New York invited community members to watch and participate in some of our street tree planting projects.

We started the 2022 planting season with a demonstration street tree planting in East Harlem. We then celebrated the 150th Anniversary of Arbor Day in Sunset Park, Brooklyn with another demo, where five Sweetgum trees found their new home, and in the Bronx, we planted 11 street trees along the Crotona Parkway Malls.

The participants watched the Arborist and contractors unload the 600lb street trees from the truck, remove the soil from the tree bed, backfill the tree bed with new soil and use the equipment to lift the trees into the tree bed. Following the contractor, the participants shoveled the new soil to the tree beds, stabilized the trees with stakes, and watered and mulched the trees.

We also gathered with our community partners in Roosevelt Island and planted 27 new trees in Lighthouse Park. To make sure the diversity of our great city is also represented in our urban forest, we planted Oaks, Serviceberry, Dogwoods, and Sugar maple trees.

This was all made possible with support from our corporate sponsors and we just want to say thank you again to ConEdison, Kaiyo, Siebert Williams Shank, Three Quogue Trust, One Tree Planted and Origins!

  • We celebrated the 150th Anniversary of Arbor Day in Sunset Park, Brooklyn with another demo, where five Sweetgum trees found their new home!