Before and After

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Before and After

A healthy and robust urban forest is more important than ever.  Every year the effects of climate change are becoming more evident. Extreme weather events like record-breaking heatwaves and flash floods are placing extra stress on our urban forest.  It will be further strained without sustained maintenance.

With the support of our volunteers, we plant and maintain our city’s street trees ensuring that our urban forest provides our city with maximum environmental benefits.

The images below illustrate the impact our volunteers and programming have on our urban forest.   Please support Trees, New York – volunteer and donate today.


  • After: Greening the South Bronx. Two new Red Maples for the Crotona Park Malls. These trees will provide shade and beauty to the neighborhood. Trees clean the air, capturing airborne pollutants, including particulate matter that aggravate certain respiratory conditions like asthma and provide natural buffers to noise pollution.
  • Before: In addition to being unsightly, compacted soil and litter block the movement of oxygen, water and nutrients to tree roots.
  • After: Great Job! Volunteers remove litter and weeds from tree beds and loosen up the surface soil with hand cultivators
  • Before: Compacted soil, weeds and litter affect the health of our street trees.
  • After - Young Urban Forester interns removed litter and weeds from the tree bed and cultivated the soil. Now the tree can absorb water.
  • Before - Schools and Trees: Underutilized Green Space in front of public school.
  • Before - Schools and Trees: Perfect spot for ornamental trees
  • After - Schools and Trees: Two Red Buds planted by the students.
  • Before: Perfect spot for shade trees
  • After: Students help us plant three Honbeams!
  • Success! These hornbeams are a great addition to our urban forest.