Creating a Mini-Forest!

Posted on Mar 7, 2023 | 0 comments

Creating a Mini-Forest!

With planting opportunities abounding, one of Trees New York’s main priorities is planting trees near schools, parks, and playgrounds!

Trees New York partnered with iDig2Learn to help them realize their vision of a mini-forest in Lighthouse Park on Roosevelt Island. All the trees we planted were native species and as these trees mature, they will provide shade and respite for park visitors and vital habitat for birds and butterflies.

“Big ideas, stay ideas, without partners like Trees New York. For ten years, Trees New York has been iDig2Learn’s go-to on all things trees as we host
various nature-focused initiatives.

“Our 2022 dream to expand the tree canopy and grow an urban forest is now a reality thanks to Trees New York. We are now in phase three with over 70 trees planted including Oaks, Tupelos, Sourwoods, and Sugar Maples. “Knowing we have Trees New York as a solid resource to guide us on tree species selection, siting, planting, pruning, and long-term care is a game changer. Trees New York’s support not only allows us to dream big, it also builds confidence in our work which in turn draws more partners to our programs.

“iDig2Learn serves NYC communities better thanks to Trees New York.” – Christina Delfico, iDig2Learn founder,